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Hora de Orar

URGENTE: Pedido de Oração – O líder da missão internacional OneHope, parceira da AMME Evangelizar em vários projetos de evangelização, encontra-se hospitalizado devido a uma forte infecção. Ele sofre febre alta e passou a noite com tremores incontroláveis. Ele está sob administração intravenosa de antibióticos.

Nós cremos no poder de Deus para curar. Ore agora e interceda pela cura como o Senhor nos ensinou em sua Palavra. A vontade do Senhor é que oremos.

Siga a iniciativa de intercessão da AMME no twitter: @agoraehora

5 comments to Hora de Orar

  • Following a medical procedure earlier this week, Rob contracted a viral staph infection. He is currently in the hospital with a temperature in excess of 104, with uncontrollable chills throughout the night. He is on intravenous antibiotics. We really need people to go to prayer, asking God to heal and deliver him. We feel that this is just another attack of satan, as a result of what God is doing through the OneHope ministry around the world, but we know that God is greater, and we ask you to stand with us in faith for complete healing. Laura Hartman

  • UPDATE #1 from Bob Hoskins –
    I just came from the hospital, and met with the doctor as he was bringing back a report on Rob’s situation. The infection is E-Coli and will require 2 weeks of intensive antibiotics by IV. We are in the process of postponing Rob’s schedule for the next two weeks, and doing everything to assure that he gets the rest and attention needed.

    It is not a coincidence that this attack comes as we reach the milestone of 750 million children receiving God’s Word through OneHope. This just reminds us that as we move to the one billion mark, we must intensify the pray coverage over OneHope and all who are a part of OneHope ministry, including you and your families.

    It is encouraging and exciting, as I have e-mails, text messages, and phonecalls coming from all around the world, as a mighty army mobilizes to pray for victory in this situation. Thank you for being a part. We continue in faith that He who is within us is greater than he who is in the world. Thank you again for your love and partnership.

    Bob Hoskins

  • Update #2 – Rob had a rough night with fever spiking again to 103. With ice blankets, etc., they were able to get it down to 101. They’ve discovered another strain of E coli. Pray they’ll find the right antibiotic to counteract this. We’re in a battle!

    Hazel Hoskins

  • he following are the weekend updates on Rob Hoskins’s condition from Bob Hoskins:

    1 – Saturday
    Infectious disease Dr. says Rob has worst strain of e coli but they feel now that they have it identified it will respond to treatment. He will be on IV for next three weeks. Continue with us in prayer. Pray for Kim. Love you all

    2- Sunday
    PTL Rob says he had a miracle night. Slept for 8 hrs. with NO fever. Prayer is working, we are so thankful for yours.

  • Please pray for OneHope President Rob Hoskins. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer yesterday and is currently praying about his treatment options. The Hoskins family covets your prayers during this time!

    Laura Hartman

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