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Pray for Brazil

Recentemente amigos no exterior estavam planejando uma jornada de oração e pediram para eu preparar alguns pedidos de oração pelo Brasil. Aqui está o que enviei. Espero que reflita o sentimento da maioria dos cristãos bíblicos em nosso país.

1. Outcome based ministry isn’t just an internal aspect of our work, isn’t just a demand of our ministry, it is the true mission, it is what the Lord demand from us. To make it true and truly affect the lives of children, it have to reflect on the development of our programs and, then, in the work of every distributor, volunteer and church teams. In order to accomplish that we have to change the established thinking about evangelization of a big, diverse and complex Church; we have to change its mentality of sowing for a commitment to harvesting. We are fighting this fight for ten years and we know that to achieve this is a huge task. Pray that we have wisdom and find good soil for our words. Pray for a faster and stronger change in the vision and purpose of the church in the evangelization of children and youth in Brazil.

2. Our researches have found that the extreme growth of the Brazilian Church happened through the conversion of children, teens and youth. They represented 77,10% of the conversions, teens from 11-17 years old being the largest group with more than 42% of the conversions in the group. Unhappily that have not reflected on the efforts of the Church to evangelize and pastor children and teens. Most of the local ministries have poor resources, unprepared leaders, and work with a mentality of entertainment. We have worked with churches so they include children and teens as targets and agents of their biblical mission. Our challenge to them have been that, since children, teens and youth represented 77% of the conversions, at list three quarters of the resources (financial, human, of time, of space) be dedicated to reach and keep them in Christ. Please pray that we have wisdom, resources and strength to keep working on that and see fruits of our work.

3. Brazil is becoming a secular nation really quick. Under a socialist government that works to remain in power, the moral and religious standards of ever, considered as burgess and capitalist thinking, have been replaced for a new moral, sponsored by the State. That includes free abortion, promotion of homosexualism, recreational sex and drugs, disruption of family values, devaluing of  parenthood and other things like these. Nobody wants to connect the frightening increment of violence, suicide, murdering, mental diseases, domestic violence, sexual violence among children and youth to these efforts to overcome the Christian foundations for cultural hegemony of the State, but the fact is that we are loosing a generation. Pray that the Braziliam Church become the help that is needed, and rises to bring this generation to the feet of the cross. Pray for discernment, wisdom and power of the Spirit to share and engage children and youth with the Word of God, so they are saved of the destruction of the evil.

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